Science in the Arts

On April 9 2014, from 13.00 – 14.00, at The Medical Museion, the international art laboratory Hotel Pro Forma organizes a knowledge seminar discussing the connections between science and artistic process in collaboration with Medical Musieon, The Center for Healthy Aging (University of Copenhagen) and the research project Robot Culture and Aesthetics (University of Copenhagen). The starting point for discussion is the Japanese visual artist and performer Ayaka Okutsu’s current art installation Meating Ghost that combines art and scientific research.

Admission is free, but registration for this event is necessary, as there are limited seats.

The presentations will be in English.


  • Thomas Söderqvist, Director, Medical Museion
  • Lene Juul Rasmussen, Managing Director, Center for Healthy Aging
  • Ayaka Okutsu, Visual Artist, Artist-in-Residence at Hotel Pro Forma
  • Elizabeth Ann Jochum, Co-Founder, Robot Culture and Aesthetics

Science in the Arts

9. April 2014, from 13.00 to 14.00.
Medical Museion, The Auditorium, Bredgade 62, 1260 Copenhagen K
Meating Ghost

In Meating Ghost Japanese visual artist Ayaka Okutsu investigates the manipulation of different senses as a way of making the audience aware of their perception. The work is a video installation with binaurally recorded sound, which gives 360-degree perception through hearing. It creates an uncanny sense of dimension and physicality, offering artificial impairment in hearing and seeing.

Ayaka Okutsu is artist-in-residence with Hotel Pro Forma from January – April 2014.

Meating Ghost will be exhibited Saturday 5 April from 17.30 – 21 at:
Atelier Hotel Pro Forma, Strandlodsvej 6b, 3., 2300 Copenhagen S
Free admission