Field Trip: Labitat and Illutron

On June 17, 2013, members of the ROCA group visited two spaces in Copenhagen in order to learn more about how laboratories for designing, constructing and testing technologies may look like and how they function in practical everyday use. 


First we visited Labitat, a hackerspace and makerspace located in a basement on H.C. Ørstedsvej on Frederiksberg in Copenhagen city. Arriving in the late afternoon, there were not so many Labitat members working in the space, and thus we could limit the disturbance that a group of 7 people walking around and looking at things inevitably must have. We were introduced to the principles of Labitat as a makerspace, and got a detailed impression of the many projects and activities taking place.


Next we went to Illutron, a collaborative interactive art studio on a barge in Sydhavnen, where we met with Vanessa Carpenter. Vanessa showed us around on the ship, told us about how Illutron works and the many activites and art projects they are involved in. We also got to see Illutrons robotic art works, made from old industrial robots that were taken out of use, and now renewed in the spirit of Illutron's artistic approach.