Ian Ingram

Ian Ingram, roboticist and artist, who visited the first ROCA workshop and presented his work on robots that communicate with animals. 


Illutron is a collaborative interactive art studio on a barge in Sydhavnen of Copenhagen. Illutron creates large scale interactive art, intriguing explorations into the realm where art and technology meet.


Labitat is a hackerspace with a group of people with diverse interests in technology. Labitat is an independent physical space in the center of Copenhagen, working creatively with technology, bridging interactive technology with design and art. 


PENSOR: Philosophical and Transdisciplinary Enquiries into Social Robots, a research project at Aarhus University that focus on social robotics as a transdisciplinary research area in the intersection of philosophy, robotics, cognitive science, psychology, and anthropology.

Opera Mecatronica

Opera Mecatronica is developed by choreographer and dancer Åsa Unander-Scharin and composer and singer Carl Unander-Scharin in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology, and other institutions in Sweden.


Re-New: Digital Arts Festival has an annual festival in the end of October in Copenhagen. Many events and keynotes are related to robots.


RoboCom: Robot Companions for Citizens is a consortium focusing on scientific and technological framework, governance, financial and legal structure, funding scheme, competitiveness strategy and risk analysis.


EUROP: European Robotics Technology Platform, and industry-driven framework for main stakeholder in robotics to strengthen Europe's competitiveness in robotic D&D