As part of the research, we watch robot movies and documentaries. In this first season, we watch fiction films in which robots or other types of autonomous technological entities play a major role in the narrative. 

The screening takes place at 18:00-ca. 20, followed by a short discussion.

Room 21.4.26
Departments of Arts and Cultural Studies
Karen Blixens Vej 1
2300 Copenhagen S

Dates and themes:

Tuesday January 14: Robot as a caretaker: a tool or an agent?

The film is set in the near future and discusses the ethical consequences of owning caretaker robots, as well as robots' indifference to some aspects of human ethics.
The film won the Alfred P. Sloan prize at the Sundance Film festival 2012.

Thursday February 27: Memories for sale

This Mexican film depicts a dystopian future to explore ways in which technology both oppresses and connects migrants. Migrant workers are replaced by robots, but telepresent labour deepens the gap between the higher and lower classes like never before.
The film won the Alfred P. Sloan prize at the Sundance Film festival 2008 and Amnesty International Film Prize at 2008 Berlin Film Festival.

Thursday March 13: Robot as an ideal: gender and technology

This 1975 sci-fi-thriller film represents a feminist criticism toward the imagined 'ideal womanhood'. Over the decades, it has grown in stature as a cult film: in film theory, it is often quoted when referring to gender stereotypes.

Thursday April 10: Robots, schizophrenia and technoir

The film depicts a dystopian Los Angeles in the near future, where genetically engineered organic robots called replicants are visually indistinguishable from humans.
This sci-fi classic made a huge influence to a number of later productions – its dark atmosphere, thematic complexity and ethical challenges make it the leading example of neo-noir (or technoir) genre.

Date to be set in May: Wired: Posthumanism and Brave New World

What is real, and what is simulated? Is simulated reality Real? Make sure that you take the right pill. This sci-fi classic from the nineties became famous for its commentary on Cartesian epistemology and brilliant effects: its franchise was further expanded through a production of comic books, video games and short animated films. This is the first film from the trilogy.

The selection of films is made by Bojana Romic and Stina Marie Hasse Jørgensen