Peter Duelund

Peter Duelund

Associate professor emeritus, Associate Professor emeritus

Primary fields of research

Cultural policy in Denmark, The Nordic Countries, Vest- and East Europe, the EU, the Council of Europe and UNESCO

Current research

Culture´s Contribution to Democracy: Culture, Nationalism & Populism.  The influences of the national ,European and global changes for the art's cultural institutions potentials, role and influence in society.

Fields of interest

Cultural Policy, that is theoretical and empirical studies of modern culture historical and current unfolding conditions and influences on production, distribution and reception of symbolic meaning in society.


Cultural politics in Denmark, The Nordic Countries, Europe, The EU and UN. Teoretical and empirical studis of contemporary culture's historical and current unfolding conditions , ie the societal conditions that influence on art and culture production and reception conditions nationally and internationally. Cultural Theory , cultural analysis , European cultural history , the historical and current relationship culture, teh arts and cultural politics.

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