Mathias Danbolt

Mathias Danbolt


Mathias Danbolt is an art historian and theorist working on politics of history and historiography in contemporary art and performance, with a special focus on queer, feminist, and decolonial perspectives on art and culture. 

Danbolt holds a PhD in Art History from the University of Bergen with the dissertation Touching History: Art, Performance and Politics in Queer Times (2013). He is the founding editor of Trikster: Nordic Queer Journal and co-editor of the book Lost and Found: Queerying the Archive (2009). His work on contemporary visual art and performance, queer temporalities and the politics of history, LGBT and queer feminist art and theory, decolonial art and antiracist theory have been published in journals such as Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, Nordic Journal of Migration Research, and Lambda Nordica, and anthologies including Performing Archives/Archives of Performance (2013), Not Now! Now! Chronopolitics, Art & Research (2014), Otherwise: Imaging Queer Feminist Art Histories (2016), and Racialization, Racism, and Anti-Racism in the Nordic Countries (2018).

Danbolt is currently working on a research project on the effects and affects of Danish colonialism within the field of art - a continuation of the postdoc project Colorblind? Theorizing Race in Danish Contemporary Art and Performance, supported by the Danish Independent Research Council (FKK) and Sapere Aude – The Danish Indepentent Research Council’s Research Career Program. This project has so far resulted in the exhibition Blind Spots. Images of the Danish West Indies Colony (2017-18), co-curated with Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer and Sarah Giersing at the Royal Danish Library, and the international research conference Unfinished Histories: Art, Memory, and the Visual Politics of Coloniality (2017). 

Danbolt is an Associate Professor of Art History at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and member of The Young Academy, under The Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters.

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