Kristin Veel

Kristin Veel


Kristin Veel completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge’s Department of German and Dutch in 2008, after which she joined the University of Copenhagen. Her research focuses on digital infrastructures as part of the urban fabric and their impact on the contemporary cultural imagination, with a particular interest in the integration of technologies into everyday life, the uncertainties and invisibilities that arise from large data-tracking and datafication processes, and the ways in which these are manifested in film, art, architecture and literature. She has considerable experience of research project management, and she has worked collaboratively and across disciplines throughout her career. She takes great pride in fostering an inclusive research environment and creating opportunities for younger scholars. She has organised and convened over 30 international seminars, conferences and workshops and is a frequent invited speaker. Her contribution has been recognised with an honorary Research Fellowship at the Surveillance Studies Centre, Queen’s University, Canada, and with the Lars Arge Award for Young Scientists 2021, awarded by the Royal Academy of Sciences and Letters.

She has published the monograph Narrative Negotiations: Information Structures in Literary Fiction (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2009) and is co-editor of over ten collected volumes and journal issues.

Most recent books: 

Touch in the Time of Corona: Reflections on Love, Care and Vulnerability in the Pandemic (De Gruyter, 2021)

 book: Touch in the Time of Corona

Uncertain Archives: Critical Keywords for Big Data (MIT Press, 2021) 

Uncertain Archives

Tower To Tower: Gigantism in Architectural and Digital Culture (MIT Press 2020),

Tower to Tower

Warchives: Archival Imaginaries, War and Contemporary Art (Sternberg Press, 2020)

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