Morten Michelsen

Morten Michelsen


2013-17Head of the FKK research project “A Century of Radio and Music in Denmark:Music Genres, Radio Genres, and Mediatisation (RAMUND)”
2013-16Member of the HERA research project “Transnational Radio Encounters. Mediations of Nationality, Identity and Community through Radio (TRE)”
2013Co-arranger of ”Functional Sounds”, the first international three-day ESSA Conference , Humboldt Universität, Berlin, October
2012-15Head of work package 7 (Music context analysis and end-use grounding), part of the research project CoSound
2012-14Member of the AHRC Research Network ”Performance In The Recording Studio
2012-14Member of the Nordic sound studies network NORSOUND
2012-Chair, European Sound Studies Association (ESSA)
2010-13Head of Work Package 5.9 (Pop Music), part of the research infrastructure project LARM
2010Co-arranger of the three-day international conference ”Sound as Art—Sound in History, Sound as  Culture—Sound in Theory”.
2008-11Head of the research network ”Sound as Art—Sound in History, Sound as Culture—Sound in Theory
2007-Departmental trade union representative
2006-Advisory editor, Popular Musicology Online
2006-Member of the editorial board, Danish Yearbook of Musicology
2005Main arranger of the three-day international conference ”The Local, the Regional, and the Global in the Emergence of Popular Music Cultures
2004-Member of the editorial board, Popular Music History
2003-08Head of the research project ”Danish Rock Culture from the 1950s to the 1980s
2002-05Head of studies, Department of Musicology
200-03Chair, The Danish Musicological Society
2002-Associate professor, Department of Musicology
2001-Member of various committees related to the development of a Rock Museum in Roskilde
1999-Member of the Danish RILM committee
1999-08Member of the board, The Danish Musicological Society
1999-08Chair, IASPM Norden
1998-00Member of the research project ”Rock Criticism in a Historical and Comparative Nordic Perspective”
1998-2002Assistant professor, Department of Musicology
1998Defense of Ph.D. thesis Language and Sound in the Analysis of Rock
1993MA thesis: The History of the Concept of Authenticity
1958Born in Copenhagen



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