Prof. Dr. Norbert Schneider, Karlsruhe:

University Copenhagen, The Department of Art and Cultural Studies (IKK) / HUM Campus, Copenhagen: Auditorium 23.0.50
4. October 2013, Friday, 15-17.00

In his lecture, Norbert Schneider deals with the positions that hide behind the high-profiled proclamations of the Pictorial Turn and the Iconic Turn. In particular, it is about the reconstruction of the back story of the ‘Visual Science’-related arguments by W.J.T. Mitchell und Gottfried Boehm. In light of Boehm's clearly distinct strategy to demonstrate a concordance with Mitchell's position in a public correspondence with the latter, the attempt will be made here to show that both approaches are fundamentally different. While Boehm takes a radically immanentistic position, Mitchell's approach has been thoroughly politically dimensioned as a consequence of the influence by the Cultural Materialism.

Norbert Schneider, born 1945, studied art history, German language and literature, Latin philology, philosophy and pedagogy. Initially he studied Protestant Theology with focus on ecclesiastical history at the University Muenster. He was awarded a Dr. phil. there in 1971.

In 1973 he started teaching at the University of the Arts Bremen. A professorship at the University of Education Muenster (1976), the University Muenster (1980), Bielefeld (1993), Dortmund (1995) and Karlsruhe (1998) followed. He was given emeritus status in the winter term 2009/10.

He has written five monographs about the history of painting genres (still life, portraiture, landscape painting, genre painting, history painting), books about Jan van Eyck and Jan Vermeer, about the history of esthetics, epistemology in the 20th century, the medieval plastic and the Venetian painting of the Early Renaissance.

Together with his in 2007 deceased wife Prof. Dr. Jutta Held he wrote a Social history of the painting (1993, 4th edition 2006) as well as the methodological compendium Outline of the science of art (2007). In the past three years his books Historical painting from Late Middle Ages to 19th century (2010), History of the art theory from ancient times to 18th century (2011), The anti-classic art. Painting of the Mannerism in Italy (2012) were published. A comprehensive sequel of his art theory book titled Theories of modern art. From classicism to concept art is finished and in print.

Norbert Schneider has been editing the yearly publication Art and Politics with Martin Papenbrock since 2007. Jutta Held founded this publication, which is one of the last periodicals about critical fine arts in Germany nowadays.