Prof. Dr. Susanne Regener, Siegen and Copenhagen:
BILLEDERNES MOBILITET: Om det visuelle i homoseksuelle kulturer
[lecture will be held on Danish]

University Copenhagen, The Department of Art and Cultural Studies (IKK) & Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies (ENGEROM) 

HUM Campus, Copenhagen: Auditorium 22.0.11
1. November 2013, Friday, 13-15.00

Based on photographic material from Denmark, Germany and the US this lecture will show in a paradigmatic way that pictures are not just static artefacts but rather must be understood through their inherent mobility. Taking picture production within gay cultures as a point of departure I will show that iconographic documents are not only engaged with across national boundaries, but that – through processes of mediatization – private images of Self are promoted to a status of cultural icons. Given the decisive role contexts play in processes that generate meaning and identity, the production, reception and aesthetics of their forms of appearance will be reviewed within the culture of the restrictive 1950s and that of the 1970s, the latter predominantly being marked by the dynamics of social movements.

Susanne Regener, born 1957 in Bremen, Germany, studied European Ethnology, Scandinavian Studies, Prehistory and Early History, Sociology and Economics at the Universities of Kiel and Hamburg. She took her PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Hamburg with a thesis on feminine images of childhood (Das verzeichnete Mädchen). Professor Regener received a higher doctorate (Habilitation) from the University of Bremen for her research and thesis on the construction of the criminal through media (Fotografische Erfassung - Photographic capture).

She has been Visiting and Substitute Professor at the Universities of Essen, Tübingen, Zurich, Basel, Vienna, Aarhus and Copenhagen (2004-2006 / DPU – Department of Education). Since 2006 she is Professor of Media History and Visual Culture at the University of Siegen, Germany, and is currently Affiliate Professor for the History of Culture and Media at the University of Copenhagen.

In her study of media from a cultural studies perspective, Susanne Regener looks at the cultural history of visualizations of nonconformists, marginalized groups and anthropological parameters underlying the workings of institutions such as police, prison and psychiatry. In her current research project "Media amateurs in gay culture" she predominantly looks at the self-representation and visual praxis of amateurs in these contexts. Further areas of research are the history and theory of photography, documentary (moving) images, visual praxis in protest cultures, hate pictures and pictorial worlds in relation to AIDS/HIV.

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