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Bildwissenschaft & Visual Culture

IKK-Lecture Series 2013-14
HUM-Campus, Copenhagen

The Department for Art and Cultural Studies (IKK) provides an important framework for international research and high education within the areas of Art History and Visual Culture, Theatre Studies, Dance Studies, Modern Culture, Literature and Musicology. These curricula build an accumulation of core competences, the most of which are tightly linked to the concepts and practices of the Image, Visiblity and Visuality in their widest sense.

In 2013 and 2014, the Department of Art and Cultural Studies organizes a lecture series BILDWISSENSCHAFT & VISUAL CULTURE as a starting point of the newly established ‘Strategic Partnership in Arts and Culture’ between the IKK and the Goethe Institute.

The leitmotif of the IKK-Lecture Series can be summarized in the question:

“How can the image-related disciplines like the Art History, Cultural Studies, Media – Performance- and Critical Studies keep and expand their specific skills interdisciplinary within the shared and highly competitive educational and research environment?”

Today´s German-language visual studies or Bildwissenschaft on one hand and the Anglo-Saxon Visual Culture on the other are standing before the substantial challenges after their ca. 2 decades-long history. In particular the creation of a new academic environment has remained an important desideratum of the ambitiously formulated programs to provide an optimal methodological model for the study of images of all kinds. The explanation for that lies not only in the notorious disciplined fixation and upholding traditional preferences, but also and not least in the largely separated discussions between the discourses in the German-spoken countries and those in the Anglo-Saxon field of influence.

The lecture series has therefore set a goal to deepen an interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue between the two cultures of image-oriented studies by presenting the paradigmatic positions and discussing the current thinking focused on Images, Visiblity and Visuality.

The results will be published as a special edition of SAGE Journal Thesis Eleven in late 2014 / beginning of 2015.

List of scheduled lectures in 2013:

Oliver Grau: STRENGTHEN THE HUMANITIES. MediaArtHistories, Image Science & the Archive 2.0"
12. April 2013, Friday, 15-17.00

Norbert Schneider
4. October 2013, Friday, 15-17.00
Auditorium 23.0.50

Horst Bredekamp
15. November 2013, Friday, 15-17.00
Auditorium 23.0.50

Whitney Davis
22. November 2013, Friday, 15-17.00
Auditorium 23.0.50

After each public talk the speakers will be available for questions and discussion.