Anders Ib Michelsen

Anders Ib Michelsen


Publications in progress

BOOK PROJECT: Trans Visual: visual culture in the anthropocene
Leiden: Brill 2019

BOOK PROJECT: Tracing Somali Architecture (2021)

Recent Books

NEW BOOK: Transvisuality: The Cultural Dimension of Visuality (Volume 3): Purposive Action: Design and Branding (in press 2019)

NEW BOOK: Verner Panton. Environments, Colors, Systems, Patterns (International version: Phaidon, London) (published 2018)

NEW BOOK: Architecture, Drawing Topology (Published 2017) 

Brief Bio

Anders Michelsen is Associate Professor, PhD, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, 2007 - ; Coordinator of the first master program in Visual Culture Studies in Scandinavia 2002-2009; Consultant for the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation 2002 - ; Head of Studies, Chairman of Study Board, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies 2007-2011; Chairman of PeaceWare Somaliland, 2009 - 2012; affiliated Copenhagen School of Global Health 2010-2012; member of steering committee, Centre for Advanced Migration Research (AMIS), University of Copenhagen ( 2012 - ; adjunct professor with a focus on creativity and ITMedia, Arts and Creative Media, James Cook University, Australia (, 2014 - 2016, 2018 - Foreign coordinator, Cenários Contemporâneos da Imagem e da Cultura Visual (Contemporary Scenarios of the Image and the Visual Culture), Research initiaitive, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Interests and research areas

His research interests focus on culture and globalization with three areas of work:

1. Theories of culture, creativity, the imagination, and the visual.

2. Design, technology and visual culture.

3. Social entrepreneurship and impact-oriented research.

He is currently writing a book (dr.phil) on, 'Trans Visual: visual culture in the anthropocene’, on the relation between dynamic contemporary culture and creative forms of the visual, to be published at Brill in 2019. The projects surveys theory-debates on culture in the postwar West, increasingly influenced by visual phenomena, and couples these debates with notions of non-representation, materialism, and the imaginary. It develops and complements the three volume collection Transvisuality. The cultural Dimension of Visuality which he is co-editing for Liverpool University Press, 2013-2019 ( focused on how visual culture works in globalization processes as creative forms of the new with forty contributors from all over the world and topics from a wide array of visual phenomena. 

Somalia: social entrepreneurship and impact

Chairman of the Danish-Somali association and NGO, PeaceWare-Somaliland which designed the first telepsychiatric system in Africa, 2009-2012. In collaboration with Danish Refugee Council, Somali Psychiatric Network, Telesom, and Copenhagen School of Global Health ( The system is today part of SHIFAT, Hargeisa (

Work with Somali civil society; first international research conference on Somali culture at UCPH, Practising Art as Politics, in 2013, prepared in collaboration with Somali reseachers from around the world and Somali civil society activists in Denmark (

Projects in progress

Arch4Horn: 2018- social entreneurship initiative for research, teaching and development of the build habitat in the Somali Peninsula, in collaboration with Dreyers Foundation, Copenhagen; Dahabshiil, Hargeisa; and Abaarso Tech University, Hargeisa (

Visual Practice: research project in visual practices, in collaboration with artists, activists, practitioners and creative industries; to be developed with Cenários Contemporâneos da Imagem e da Cultura Visual (Contemporary Scenarios of the Image and the Visual Culture), Research initiaitive, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Tingbjerg - cultural mapping of the 'ghetto': with public housing organisations in Copenhagen - to be announced.


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