Infra-Structuralism: From Social Science’s Big Data To Sociopoetic’s Anomalies

Building on his studies of Networked Art (2001) and Intimate Bureaucracies (2012), Craig Saper will present an early draft of a proposal for a third text tentatively titled Infrastructuralist Revolution. There will be a presentation from 10-12 with a following discussion 13-15.

Readings include the entire short book [pamphlet size], Intimate Bureaucracies, which is available as an open-access download without fee [click on the Download Book button]. There is a POD version as well [with the Buy This Book button]:

About Craig Saper:

Craig Saper ( is a Professor in the Language, Literacy, and Culture Doctoral Program at UMBC in Baltimore, Maryland, US. He is the author of The Amazing Adventures of Bob Brown (2016), Intimate Bureaucracies(2012), Networked Art (2001), Artificial Mythologies (1997). He has also edited or co-edited scholarly volumes includingElectracy: Gregory L. Ulmer Textshop Experiments (2015), a special issue of the scholarly journal Hyperrhiz on mapping culture (2015), special issues of Rhizomes on Posthumography(2010), Imaging Place (2009), and Drifts (2007), and many other volumes since 1990. He edited with introductions new editions of Bob Brown’s works: 1450-1950 (2015) Words (2014),Readies (2014), Gems (2014). He is also seeking to publish a simulation of Brown’s readies machine which can be found at He has published widely on Fluxus and visual poetry and serves as the Reviews Editor forHyperRhiz and Rhizomes and previously “Blog Report” columnist for Rhizomes.

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