Images and Prehistories in Visual Culture and Bildwissenschaft

IKK Lecture Series 2013-2014 presenting Whitney Davis, Professor of History and Theory of Ancient and Modern Art, University of California at Berkeley.

Features of prehistoric (and specifically Upper Paleolithic) depiction have long attracted commentary: scholars have tried to understand not only the highly "animated" and "immersive" nature of the pictorial compositions in context (sometimes seen as a prehistoric kind of "trompe l'œil") but also striking features of repetition, re-marking, and superimposition. The lecture considers these and other questions about Paleolithic depiction in light of general approaches to image making that have been developed in visual-culture studies and Bildwissenschaft. It argues that some Paleolithic pictures were both "inside" and "outside" visual culture - and that this was their point and purpose.

Whitney Davis is the author of several books including: "Replications: Archaeology, Art History, Psychoanalysis" (1996); "Queer Beauty: Sexuality and Aesthetics from Winckelmann to Freud and Beyond" (Columbia, 2010); and "A General Theory of Visual Culture" (Princeton, 2010), which received the Monograph Prize of the American Society for Aesthetics and the Susanne K. Langer Award of the Media Ecology Association.

The IKK-Lecture Series 2013-2014 is presented in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Dänemark.

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