Ghérasim Luca and the invention of a statelessness poetry

Foredrag ved lektor Laura Erber (Science of Theatre Department, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State - UNIRIO).


The talk will focus on the work of Ghérasim Luca (Bucharest, 1913 – Paris, 1994), poet, performer and artist who lived as a stateless person in France from the 1950s.

His poetry is strongly marked by questioning the notions of unity, identity and nationality and his peculiar use of French language affect not only the grammar or syntax rules but the very notion of language as a crucial element of national identity.

I will interrogate the notion of statelessness through Hannah Arendt texts and related concepts such as nation/nationhood, nomadism (Deleuze) and exile (Said) in order to point out similarities and differences among them.

Laura Erber is an assistant professor at the Science of Theather Department at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State - UNIRIO.

She has a  PhD on Carl Th. Dreyer œuvre (PUC-Rio) and has published Ghérasim Luca (EDUERJ, 2012).

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