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Daniela Agostinho

Daniela Agostinho


Daniela Agostinho is a postdoc affiliated with the Uncertain Archives research group. She studied Media and Culture Studies in Lisbon and Berlin. She holds a PhD (2014) with a dissertation on the photographic records of Ravensbrück women's concentration camp, in which she discussed the relation between visibility, archival reason and disciplinary power. Before joining Uncertain Archives as a postdoc, she was a Lecturer in the MA in PhD programs in Culture Studies at Catholic University of Portugal. She is founding editor of Diffractions – Graduate Journal for the Study of Culture and co-editor of the volume Panic and Mourning. The Cultural Work of Trauma (de Gruyter, 2012). Her main areas of interest are Cultural Theory, Visual Culture, Film and Moving Image Studies, Media Theory, Performance Studies and Feminist theory. She currently works on visual governmentality, the politics of data visualization, archival theories of big data, and the visual culture of contemporary warfare. 


Aktuel forskning

In my current research, I examine big data environments through cultural theories of the archive and how big data are translated into regimes of vision. I focus in particular on data visualizations of contemporary warfare, from drone feeds to real time images and interactive mapping, but I am also interested in how contemporary artistic image practices recast and reenvision the technological make-up of contemporary warfare. 

Primære forskningsområder

Visual culture, cultural theory, film and feminist theory

ID: 156728553