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Sound & Senses

Coordinators: Holger Schulze (IKK) & Morten Michelsen (IKK)

The research group Sound & Senses is an interdisciplinary research group at the Department of Arts & Cultural Studies (IKK) – providing a research environment for the manifold intiatives & research projects such as RAMUND (Morten Michelsen), Sound Performance - experience and event (Rasmus Holmboe), Sound Studies Lab (Holger Schulze) or TRE (Jacob Kreutzfeld).

Above: Katrinem: Barfüsserplatz Basel (place studies - go your gait! part 19, 2013)
Low left: Poster 2nd ESSA-Conference: Sound Studies Mapping The Field
(Copenhagen 2014)

Low right: Blackboard Drawing by Students, BA-Course Sound Studies (2015)

Analyzing culture via aspects of sound and sensory culture is becoming a major approach in cultural studies. The Department first entered this field in 2007 when arranging and hosting the international conference Sound Art – Auditory Cultures. Soon thereafter a full course in sound studies was initiated, and it developed into a 30 ECTS elective. Between 2008-2011 the department hosted the national research network Sound as Art – Sound in History, Sound in Theory, Sound as Culture which included five two-day seminars and an international conference held in Aarhus in 2010: SoundActs. From the research network sprang two initiatives: the Nordic research network NORDSOUND – and the first international academic organization in the field: the European Sound Studies Association (ESSA). Beginning with the LARM research infrastructure project, the department has hosted a series of radio-related projects, for example TRE and RAMUND. In 2014 the department hosted the second international ESSA conference Sound Studies: Mapping the Field and later that year the Sound Studies Lab moved to this department.

The research group currently offers a biweekly Colloquium Sound & Sensory Studies, it organizes conferences and workshops, and it is open to all scholars, researchers and students interested in ambitious research – with a strong focus on new research methods, unexpected research subjects and hopefully disturbing hearing perspectives. Historical and experiential aspects, their mediated and political, their economic and corporeal, their technological and biological, their extraterrestrial and imaginative aspects come into play, create tensions, syncopes and repercussions: they resonate in sounds and unsounds.

The group’s major fields of research include:

  • Sound Art
  • Sound Design
  • Game & Sound
  • Sound & the Body
  • Sound Production
  • Sound Theory
  • Anthropology of Sound


Holger Schulze
Jacob Kreutzfeldt
Morten Michelsen

Rasmus Holmboe
Stina Marie Hasse Jørgensen
Tobias Linnemann Ewe
Anette Vandsø
Ansa Lønstrup

Charlotte Rørdam
Erik Granly Jensen
Erik Steinskog
Iben Have
Morten Breinbjerg
Sanne Krogh Groth
Thomas Bjørnsten